Our staff of dedicated professionals has combined over 147 years of experience with preschool children! Your young ones are in a safe, healthy, and encouraging place with us.

Here’s a bit more about us:
Preschool Director

With an unwavering dedication to early childhood education, Ms. Maritza has served as the heart and soul of Christ the King Preschool for over two decades. She has nurtured a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where children thrive. Her wealth of experience, passion, & commitment to fostering a love for learning has left a lasting mark on countless young minds and families within the community. Under their guidance, Christ the King Preschool has flourished into a place of growth, creativity, and endless possibilities. 

Office Manager

Ms. Kristin has been with us since 2009. She loves working with children, especially in getting them to sing with her. 

3-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Amanda is our 3-year-old teacher of 16 years. Her husband and she have two children -- a 29-year-old daughter, and a 31-year-old son, both of whom spent their first two school years at CTK. They both love to travel and eat out as a couple and as a family. Her Hispanic heritage allows her to help kids when their first language is not English, and at the same time, teach a little Spanish to the rest of the class.


2-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Ashley has been part of Christ the King Preschool since 2007. She absolutely loves watching her kiddos learn and grow throughout the year, building their own little Pre-K 2 family. She loves spending time with her husband Jonathan, and her four children, Allison (12), Gunner (10), Maggie (5), and Hunter (5-months). She also enjoys cooking and reading.

4-Year-Old Assistant

Ms. Blanca has been with us for 12 years. She has two children and a happy grandmother to two handsome boys - Calvin & Arthur. She enjoys going to the library to find books for her class. She enjoys watching each class come alive as they discover themselves through reading. She also prides herself on being an amateur photographer. 

2-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Carolyn has been with Christ the King for 2 years. She has had the pleasure of teaching the 18-month-old babies and now, she is teaching the 2-year-olds. She says it brings her joy to teach at the school that her daughter attended. When she's not at school, She enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and making memories.

Aftercare Teacher

Mrs. Chloe has been at Christ the King for 3 years & looking forward to a fourth. She is a college student who loves anime and her two elderly dogs.

Assistant Teacher

This is Ms. Dalia's first year at Christ the King. She enjoys working with children, and seeing what amazing things their creative minds come up with. In her free time, she likes to write and edit videos.

4-Year-Old Assistant

Ms. Dina is in her 14th year at Christ the King. She has always enjoyed working with children. She has one child who is in college. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, reading, shopping, traveling, and a good cup of coffee.

2-Year-Old Assistant

Jessica is a mother of two adventurous and fearless boys. This is her first year at Christ the King Preschool. What she loves about working with children is teaching them and watching their little minds grow. She enjoys crafting, music, good food, and coffee.

4-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Karrie has been teaching for over 27 years, 7 of those being with Christ the King Preschool.  She has a 19-year-old son who is taking on his second year of college. She loves the color blue. In her free time, you can find her doing a couple of rounds of bowling at the local alley, gardening, shopping, and eating out at restaurants.

3-Year-Old Assistant

This is Ms. Katie's first year teaching at Christ the King Preschool. She is the mom of three handsome boys ages 21, 7, & 4. Her kids have been a part of CTK since 2018. Her youngest has autism, so she has some background in dealing with children who have special needs. On her time off, she is a volunteer teacher for VCNO Kingdom Kids, and has been doing that for the past 8 years - helping her little ones practice HEARING from God. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her kids, photography, & gardening. She has a huge heart and thinks of her students as her kids. She loves to see them succeed and do their absolute best. 

18-Month-Old Assistant

Ms. Kim has so much fun with all the children in the 4-year-old class, all the way down to 18 months. They make her life happy.

3-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Sabrina has been with CTK for 13 years. She's married and has two girls -- Baylee, who is entering her senior year of high school, and Brittnee who has just pursued a career in teaching in the good ole' state of Colorado. She also has a grandpup named Nash. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, and watching the Saints & LSU Tigers play.

3-Year-Old Assistant

Ms. Selina is in her first year at Christ the King. She has a huge heart for kids and loves being part of their development. In her free time, she enjoys making lasting memories with her family and with her arts & crafts.

2-Year-Old Assistant

Ms. Serenity has been with Christ the King for 3 years. She loves the beach and hanging out with her friends. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her puppies and going on adventures.

18-Month-Old Teacher

Ms. Stephanie has been with the Christ the King Preschool family since November 2004. She has stayed with the preschool for so many years because she calls her coworkers family. She has three daughters of her own, and this preschool has been part of their lives. She feels blessed to call herself a teacher. She loves each and every child that she has had the pleasure of calling her student. She says they are God's gift to us. When she's not at work, you can find her in her garden, or riding her bike around the neighborhood.

18-Month-Old Assistant

Ms. Suyapa is 66 years old and has been with Christ the King as a teaching assistant. She has two daughters and five grandkids. She has a puppy named Harri. She loves working with Christ the King because it reminds her of her grandchildren when they were little. So, she enjoys every second of it.

4-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Tammy has been with Christ the King for 14 years. She is a devoted mother of 5, and has a passion for educating young minds. She loves coffee and watching TV. She is a horror movie fanatic and enjoys watching them in her free time. She also enjoys traveling to see her grandbabies.