September Newsletter

Thank you for a great first month of school and for the continued support and encouragement. The children have done a wonderful job returning to school and I am so proud of them! To see the happiness, laughter, and learning that goes on inside these rooms is pure joy.

I was reminded of God’s truth as I was reading the children’s Bible story about Jesus calming the storm. God is powerful and even the storms and scary things obey Him. This message was perfect timing not only for our children but also a reminder for us as parents. With the weight of the world outside of our precious preschool, it is easy to lose sight of God’s faithful promises, but He is faithful to remind us of His mightiness, goodness, and love.

Our school provides a safe, loving, and nurturing place for our children to come on a daily basis. Consistency and routine are vital during the early years of life for children to thrive and develop, especially with uncertainties in our world. Remember to take good care of yourself as the caregiver of your child. Connect with your children and shower them with love and attention. Provide stable routines as their “home base” and tune into what their behaviors may be “telling” you. Offer words to help your child express feelings. As you extend patience and grace to your child, don’t forget to extend it to yourself as well.

Each and every family is extra special to our school. My door is always open and I am here to serve you as the preschool director. I am still trying to connect our new faces with familiar parents. If we have not met personally, please stop by my office or catch me outside, so I can say hello.

As we begin our second month of school we see our teachers, children, and families enter into new and comfortable relationships. Communication, observation, and interaction provide insight into our children’s strengths, challenges, interests, developmental abilities, temperament, and problem-solving skills. This connection and understanding help to guide us in our program planning. Communication and reflection by teachers and families together, contribute to a strong, solid learning environment and form the basis for teachable moments and ongoing curriculum development that is successful and rewarding for our little ones.

Thank you, parents and teachers, for your partnership in helping us provide this strong and solid foundation for success with the children. We are ever so blessed in this preschool ministry that we share together.

In Christ,

Maritza Sprague

Preschool Director