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Jack was raised as a Lutheran. When he was three years old, his family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. Jack atended Sunday School every week, and he was confirmed in the Lutheran Church. Jack’s parents moved to Minnesota after he graduated from high school, while Jack stayed in Lincoln and atended the University of Nebraska. After graduating from college, Jack joined the Navy. While on active duty, he received a leter from the American Lutheran Church in Lincoln, saying that he had been removed from their rolls.
After being discharged from the Navy, Jack got married; and he began atending a Presbyterian church. He and his wife later moved to Louisiana. His wife died. However, he eventually met and married the lovely Irene. They searched for churches in the area, but they finally joined Christ the King in Kenner. And they have both been congregation members ever since. What atracted Jack and Irene to CTK were the friendly people that they met. They felt that they had truly found a home. And Jack brought two families into the church and influenced many others to join.
Jack served on numerous church council positions, including Stewardship, Vice President, and President. He is currently serving as Vice President of the Church Council. He and Irene truly enjoy being a part of the wonderful CTK congregation.