"The first Sunday I came [to Christ the King Lutheran Church and Preschool], it was the warmest welcome I ever received." Kathy had been attending another Lutheran denomination her whole life, and after a divorce, found herself looking for somewhere new to worship. She wanted to find somewhere people won't ask questions or judge her. "I never felt like I fit." She said of a lifetime of faithfully sitting in the pews and still feeling a bit outside the church. 

Kathy warmly remembers Phyllis and all her friends coming right up to her and welcoming her. Kathy said their warm welcome made her want to come again. As she regularly attended, Jack recruited her to serve on the church council. Kathy wasn't used to having such an important position in the church. It was then that things really began to change. Eventually, she took a chance and said yes. Kathy was then elected to the council to serve as the chair of the Evangelism committee. 

For the first time in her life, says Kathy, "I feel like I became a disciple with a voice- I'd always listened to the Word but never shared it by welcoming people into God's love. Speaking up was new to me." Though being on the council has its challenges- sometimes folks have different opinions about what should happen or how resources should be allocated, and conflict happens. Yet, Kathy learned to have a friendship that is deeper than conflict as "we are all one and the same." This healthy assertiveness and capacity to tolerate discomfort has even improved her work life and supported her in staying with the same company for more than 30 years. 

Kathy's priority now is to ensure her daughter and granddaughter have a place of love and faith. Christ the King has been God's place for them.