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Vicki has been a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church and Preschool for more than 40 years. "I moved to Louisiana from Michigan at the age of 26 and was looking for a new church to attend. After visiting a few different churches, I came back to Christ the King and became a member shortly after. My two daughters were confirmed at Christ the King, and my twin granddaughters were baptized here 10 years ago. I wanted them both to become involved in church at a young age; therefore, the twins began attending church services and Sunday School a few years later. They are now enjoying attending Church, participating with other children in Godly play, and assisting in the services as Acolyte Acolytes for Church services." Vicki recounts, there are those among us who have the power to share the Gospel in ways that we can hear. Her maternal grandmother, Mathilde, was one of them. Her parents had a bit of a rocky past, so her grandmother took her under her wing, becoming a model of faith for her. Together they would bake, and go to church, and she found as she went through confirmation her faith growing. As she grew and joined Christ the King, she said, “I feel good when I am here. I hate to miss church.” When her grandmother died, her aunt Lottie took over the role of faith model. She is someone who is active in her faith. At 86 her aunt goes to choir and is part of the mission of the church. Says Vicki, “She is my heart.” Today, Vicki is sharing the gifts of these women with her family and friends as a model of faith herself. She is grateful for Christ the King as everyone lives out their love and faith in God.