"I wanted to be loved for what's inside of me, my essence." Although Laura had gone to church since birth, she was looking for something more, a connection with God and God's people. Laura recalled asking a Lutheran Pastor what to say when someone asked when she was "saved." The Pastor suggested she respond with "when Christ died on the cross." Laura knew the story of Jesus and that Jesus was the key to providing what she sought.

Two friends, Jackie and Fen, began Laura's deeper connection. They invited her and her husband to a weekend retreat and encouraged them afterward. "Jackie and Fen showed me the way to the cross- always being Christ to [my husband and me.]" Quite literally. At the retreat, there was a life-sized crucifix through which Laura began to feel Jesus' real, present, and loving connection with her heart.

Christ the King continues to support Laura. Brenda, Dolinda, Debbie (P), Jack, and Irene have shown Christ the King's loving care by welcoming Laura after she moved back to Louisiana. "When I don't come [to church] for some reason and Irene says she missed me, that's very alluring."

Today Laura's goal is to continue to serve Christ. "My age and physicality have changed and I still want to serve. You don't stop ministry when things change, God gives you a new direction. I am doing something different now...I hope to make Christ known to those I encounter on a daily basis. It's not a mistake that theose people are in my life such as the people in Bible Study, prayer friends, folks at the store, and even Al Annon friends.