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THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! You're invited this Sunday to support God's work through Christ the King Lutheran Church by helping build our ministry plan for 2024. This Sunday we will be celebrating all the God has in store for us in 2024 and making our intentions for the coming year known, by submitting our statement of intent. This year your commitment is especially important because generous donors have agreed to match every $100 of new or increased gifts with a $10 challenge grant up to $4,000. You can make your gift go 10% further by simply submitting a statement of intent card! 

We invite you to generously and prayerfully support these efforts to continue the great work we are accomplishing and to pursue these new initiatives: 

Maintain Ministty Excellence, Develop Disciples for Christ, Tell God's Story at CTK

Jesus will support us, as he promised in John 15:4, "Abide in me as I abide in you."