This time last year, we were in Houston with 30,000 other young, energetic, ready to work for God and all those in need teenagers!! We at times were exhausted and overwhelmed, but always filled with the Holy Spirit, who brought us so many fun-filled memories, friends and stories that made us happy, sad and wowed!! So many AH HA moments!! One of those moments where I was filled with lots of emotion was when Michaela Shelley spoke to us about her trials in life. She told us about her fighting Mitochondrial Disease. She spoke about how she was diagnosed at 15 with this incurable disease and spoke about her Warrior Beads (each bead color stood for one medical procedure she has dealt with). She has over 4,000 beads in 4 years. While struggling with all of this, she also helped her family with her little brother. When she was 10, he was 5 and was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and little did she know that she too would be diagnosed in 5 more years. She started a blog helping so many others with so many different struggles while she is struggling on her own. She recently turned 21. She is struggling badly now and needs our prayers even more. As we remember going to the Youth Gathering last year and all the good times we had, please remember her and all of those who spoke and gave us laughter and sadness and hope that God is there for us always!! That God Changes Everything!!!






Lori can be contacted through the Church office at 504-469-4740 or email at
church@ctk-nola.org. .