Upcoming events: We are looking to take youth to the Beyond the Grave mulmedia producon at Victory Fellowship, March 15 or April 12. Looking to work with Mr. Christopher again for Good Friday mulmedia Staons of the Cross. We are working on a 30-hour fast/Lock-in for World Hunger on April 26 and 27. We are asking the youth to write a bio on themselves which will be sent to our German friends that will be coming again in June. We are looking at going on a mission trip to one of the states hit hard by the hurricanes last year. Pastor Rick will be donang his 2 couches and a table to the youth room, Ed is working on ge5ng us some paint for the walls, we will set a date on ge5ng the youth room updated. We are also ge5ng a quote for new floors.






Lori can be contacted through the Church office at 504-469-4740 or email at
church@ctk-nola.org. .