Our Confirmation classes will begin on Sunday, September 9 at 9:15 am in the youth room of our community center.

The Confirmation program lasts for three school years. Typically, young people begin participating at the beginning of the 6th grade and are confirmed at the end of the 8th grade. Some begin a year or so later because of special circumstances. This year, we will be reading and studying the Gospel of Matthew which will provide a great introduction to discipleship. They will be looking at 1 chapter a week. Please contact the church office or Brenda Bastone at (504) 654-7130 for more information..

Parents, thank you for helping your child in this important step of his/her faith journey! We look forward to seeing you at our first gathering on September 10th.

Peace and joy,

Ms. Brenda


Join me every Sunday starting September 16th at 9:15 in the Fellowship Hall.
We will connect with a topic, chat about it and close in prayer! Some mornings, we will meet at Starbucks (Not All LOL). Just give it a try!! Ms. Kristin




Lori can be contacted through the Church office at 504-469-4740 or email at
church@ctk-nola.org. .