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A CTK small group is a great way to meet people and deepen your faith through interactive relationships with other Christians. For information about a small group that might meet your needs you can click on the image, or get in touch with Debbie Paulson through the church office: 504-469-4740, or email us at      

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A special thank you goes out to all volunteers who provided a soup, sandwich, or cookies for our Lenten Suppers each week. They were enjoyed by all and we had great fellowship.

On May 5th, is a special weekend at Christ the King. It will be “Invite a Friend, family member, or a stranger to church”. It is also Cinco de Mayo so each service will celebrate with decorations and food marking the occasion. If you would like to provide a food item to any of the services, please feel free to do so.
We have Listed below are groups that meet each month: Heaven’s Eleven Meeting: First Monday of each month, in the conference room at 1PM.

Women’s Bible Study: 2nd Monday, in the conference room at 7PM.

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast: Each Wednesday at Chateau Coffee Café, at 7AM.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Each Thursday in the conference room at 12:30PM.

A thank you goes out to all of those who have provided refreshments each weekend and those who have given of their time and talents.

Director Small Groups and Volunteer Ministries