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A CTK small group is a great way to meet people and deepen your faith through interactive relationships with other Christians. For information about a small group that might meet your needs you can click on the image, or get in touch with Debbie Paulson through the church office: 504-469-4740, or email us at      

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! We begin a new year with resolutions, hopes and dreams. Wishing you all a blessed year. We held our Annual Church Auction on December 2nd, and it was a success. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, and a lot of bidding. This year’s proceeds will go to our youth at Christ the King to help them to attend the National Youth Gathering in Houston, TX. A special thank you goes to our Auctioneers who were Dave Burgbacher, Dave Fos, and Jack Fager. They did a fabulous job and brought so much entertainment to the evening. Thank you to Thea & Dave Burgbacher for coming in the night before to arrange and number all our items, to create the Auction list for all attendees. They also handle all the financial end of the Auction. So thank you for all your hard work. Last but not least a thank you to the Boy Scouts for setting up the tables and to our Heaven’s Eleven Group for setting up the Auction. Our Annual Noah’s Parade will be held on January 28th, following the 10:30AM service. Everyone is invited. If you would like to volunteer to help or to be in the parade please contact Susan Goodwin or Phyllis Dusang. Look for additional information regarding
this event in this newsletter.
Listed below are groups that meet each month:
Heaven’s Eleven Meeting: First Monday of each month, in the conference room at 1PM. Women’s Bible Study: 2nd Monday, in the conference room at 7PM. Book Club: 4th Monday, in the conference room at 7PM. Men’s Fellowship Breakfast: Each Tuesday at Chateau Coffee Café, at 7AM. Prayer Shawl Ministry: Each Thursday in the conference at 12:30PM. A thank you goes out to all of those who have provided refreshments each weekend and those who have given of their time and talents.

Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson,
Director, Small Groups & Volunteer Ministries