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A CTK small group is a great way to meet people and deepen your faith through interactive relationships with other Christians. For information about a small group that might meet your needs you can click on the image, or get in touch with Debbie Paulson through the church office: 504-469-4740, or email us at      

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We are in transition right now as we wait for the decision on a new pastor. We are very blessed to have Interim Pastor Barbara Hunter with us now to lead and guide us through this waiting period. We as a congregation will get through any challenges that may face us but we will continue to do God’s work and continue our ministries in his name.

We are currently accepting new or like new items for our church auction which will be held on December 7, 2019, at 6PM in the fellowship hall. You can bring your items now to the church and place them in our supply closet in the narthex (entrance of church). Please mark them Auction and we will handle it from there. So mark your calendars!

There has been a Work Day scheduled at church for October 18 & 19. On Friday, we will begin at 9AM and on Saturday, we will begin at 8AM. These are days that we need many volunteers so that we can do improvements, cleaning, and to “tidy up” our facility.
Elouise LeBlanc, our Property Chairperson, will organize jobs that need to be done. We can accomplish so much when many volunteers are involved. If you have any questions please contact Elouise LeBlanc or Debbie Paulson.

Listed below are groups that meet each month: Heaven’s Eleven Meeting: Second Monday of September in the conference room at 1PM. Women’s Bible Study: 2nd Monday in the conference room at 7PM. Men’s Fellowship Breakfast: Each Wednesday at Chateau Coffee Café, at 7AM. Prayer Shawl Ministry: Each Thursday in the conference at 12:30PM.

A big thank you goes out to all of those who have provided refreshments each weekend and those who have given of their time and talents.

In service to Him, Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson Debbie Paulson, Director Small Groups and Volunteer Ministries