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And just like that, January was here and is now gone!
WEATHER REMINDER As we have recently experienced, our weather is unpredictable! Please make sure you are dressing your children in labeled, weather-appropriate clothing. We will be going outside every day; so please send your child in a warm coat, a hat and gloves daily. Please check to make sure your child has an extra set of weather appropriate clothing here at school. Also, please keep in mind that CTK classrooms are not always consistent in temperature. We recommend that your child wears clothing that is layered to keep them comfortable.
RE-REGISTRATION FOR 2020-2021 Believe it or not, it’s time for fall 2020 enrollment. It is our policy to give CTK families a chance to register before we open enrollment to the community. Re-registration for 2020-2021 school year begins Monday, February 3rd and extends through Monday, February 17th. At this time we will also register siblings and children/grandchildren of Christ the King Lutheran Church members. Students in these categories are assured of placement for the upcoming year; however, registration forms must be turned into the office during the above dates. A $300 nonrefundable registration fee is due for each child registered. For more information, please contact the preschool office at 469-2909. Registration forms are available in the office for siblings and CTK members’ children. **Parents of present Two Year Olds, please note this important information...Your child can go into the Three Year Old classroom next year ONLY if they are potty trained. Throw away those diapers and pull-ups! NOW is the time to concentrate on this task.
TAXES, TAXES, TAXES Now that I have your this time of the year, we get many phone calls requesting our Federal Tax ID number. This information is used for claiming child care expenses on your taxes.

LIFE’S PUZZLE When my children were younger, I loved to work on elaborate puzzles. I would work very hard on them, but when I was almost finished I invited my children over to the table to help complete the masterpiece. How fulfilling would a puzzle be if it had only one piece? If a puzzle box said “number of pieces 1,” that would be ridiculous. You cannot have a puzzle with only one interlocking piece! God’s creation, like a puzzle, has many pieces. God created each of us as a unique interlocking piece. After he created the first piece; a man named Adam; God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). So God created Eve with whom Adam could live and whom he could love. God felt it was important that we not be left by ourselves. We are incomplete without others. I stressed in my puzzle time with my children that they should be careful with an incomplete puzzle. A puzzle’s strength comes only when all the interlocking pieces are connected together. When we are “interlocked” with friends and loved ones, we are stronger. That is the way God intended it from the beginning. I also reminded my children to work on puzzles on a stable surface and in a comfortable environment. The same holds true in our life. God saw a need for a good place where we could interlock with the appropriate people who could make our lives complete. That is why He created the church. The church is a place filled with people who recognize the importance of each interlocking piece – you. God invites you to become part of his “puzzle”. He wants your family and friends connected too. Please join with all the people at Christ the King Lutheran Church for worship so that you can remain part of God’s masterpiece.
Bible Verse for the month of February: Let us love one another. I John 4:7 Blessings, Maritza