Sunday School clipartSunday School

Sundays 9:15-10:15 AM


Helping each other to know and live out God’s Word in every day life is one of the main purposes CTK offers “POWER HOUR” Sunday School  - “Power” as in God’s Power to renew, restore, call to faith and guide our lives through His word. We offer classes for toddlers through adults.

CHILDREN & YOUTH: Child and youth classes start with toddlers and continue through our high school discussion group.

Between Services with the Pastor (Adult forum): Explore the Bible and its meaning in our daily lives. Join us in the conference room at 9:15 for the informal discussion.



CLASS—classes are in progress and are held at 9:15 am in the Youth Room in our community center.







First Communion

Call the church office (469-4740) to register your child.








Prayer:  Make a prayer chain.  Talk as a family about people, places, situations you would like to pray for.  Write these requests on strips of paper.  Then make loops and create a chain.  Hang the chain in your kitchen/family room where it will be seen many times a day.  Each night, take down a link and pray for that prayer request as a family.

Thank you for loving your child so much as to make family devotions and prayer a priority