Church decorated for a wedding

The Joy of living in Christ's Love

Christ the King came into existence in the 1950's. On December 9, 1956 Christ the King Lutheran Church was officially organized and Pastor Charles Boaz was installed. It was fostered out of the rapid growth of the Metairie-Kenner area and the spiritual needs of the community. As the joy of sharing Christ's Love grew, Christ the King blossomed into a Church deeply rooted in Christ's Love. Through God's direction, Christ the King realized that our mission to the local community and beyond is to "Share the Joy of growing, giving and living in Christ's Love".

The Joy of giving Christ's Love

God's guiding hand directed a host of talented leadership and members to his house at Christ the King. Numerous laity with varying talents came together to foster an atmosphere of love and understanding for all. Christ's Love nutured the youth through the birth of our preschool, which has been serving the community since1957. An example of the joy of giving is exemptified by one of our former Pastors, Pastor Andrew Hinderlie, now a missionary in Madagascar, supported in part by Christ the King. In addition, Christ the King was one of three Churches in the New Orleans Metropolitan area chosen by Lutheran Disaster Response as a headquarters and Christ the King housed volunteers weekly who were coming down to help rebuild the city.

The Joy of growing in Christ's Love

Christ the King expanded over the years as the enthusiasm of growing, giving and living in Christ's Love multiplied. Our joy burst the seams of several worship centers. Christ the King continued to grow, moving into larger facilities each time as our membership expanded. Our Preschool has grown to meet the needs of our growing community looking for good, Christian-based education. Christ the King currently educates over 100 preschoolers in a loving Christian enviroment. The mission that God has entrusted us with of "Sharing the joy of growing, giving and living in Christ's Love" truly embodies the love that is Christ the King Lutheran Church.