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By following this suggested schedule you will be able to read the entire Bible in one year. Set aside a special time each day for your reading and you will have no difficulty. The schedule will require some kind of routine, self-disciple, but only about 10 minutes each day. Others in the congregation will also be following this schedule. Occasionally we will all get together to discuss our progress, questions and discoveries. At the end of each month the next month will become active. If you would like other resources, commentaries, etc., speak with the pastor.
woman reading the bible
For weekly bible study in a group setting click on the picture to the right for times.
As we begin each separate book of the Bible, a short introduction will be provided. Questions and comments for each day's reading are very brief and are only meant to help you in your reading. You may jot down your own comments or questions.
Stick with it! It should be a blessed year! Let's begin!
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