The wonderful thing about being an interim pastor is that I get to meet new people, help them through a hard time, keep my hand in at preaching and teaching, and learn what various ministries churches are doing. The hard thing is saying goodbye, especially at this church. I had so hoped that I could leave while your new pastor began and everyone would be excited about the future. Sometimes we have to learn more patience than we would like and remember that we live in God's will, not ours. These six months have certainly been a challenge for many reasons but also a joy. The choir and all the music have lifted my heart Sunday after Sunday. The Prayer Shawl Ministry women have so much fun! Although I will never be a great
pickleball player, the players all have fun, as well as at the games nights. You do serve wonderful food on many occasions! I have been amazed at the events you plan for the preschool! Thank you for your many kindnesses to me and for the welcome you provided to John when the weather would allow him to get over here! He is anxious to have me at home and we now look forward to a cruise in February! The Episcopal and Lutheran churches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast have work for me to do as a supply pastor on various Sundays. I will re-join the University of Mississippi Gulf Coast Civic Chorale and do volunteering at the hospital. May God bless you with continued enthusiasm in serving God's people, showing more kindness, understanding and forgiveness toward one another, and a life of hope that great days are yet ahead in telling the good news of Jesus Christ!
Pastor Barb