Dear Church,
It was a wonderful season of Advent and a great celebration of Christmas (which continues right up to Twelfth Night, January 6th).
As we begin a New Year together, here are some of the things we're anticipating:
· we will soon receive a group of new members from those who have been worshipping and participating with us for several months;
· our teenagers will be making a trip to Houston for the national Youth Gathering of our denomination;
· the initial start-up period for our sister congregation, Mesa Abierta, will come to an end
and a more formal arrangement will begin;
· greater attention will be paid to evangelism in outreach, assimilation and in-reach;
· as a church family we will witness many transitions together, including marriages, births, confirmations and deaths;
· we will continue to uphold one another in prayer;
· we just might celebrate another Saints Superbowl win!
And through it all we will rely on God's loving mercy to bless and sustain us!
Have a blessed 2018,