It was an interview on TV with a man who had survived a catastrophic event. He said to the reporter, "I guess I was just lucky to get out alive." Please call it blessed by God. When we escape danger, find a way out of a bad situation, are surprised by something wonderful, we are blessed, not lucky. Especially as we go into this time of year, we remember how blessed we have been by God and will continue to be blessed by God whatever life brings. It is a sign of our faith when we give credit to God! We are children of God, not pawns of fate. We do not worry about walking under ladders, do not fear the number 13 and do not trust horoscopes. We live under the sign of the cross, not a zodiac sign. We lift our heads and give thanks to God for protection in storms and recovery from storms. We see God's hand in the monarch butterflies this month and the golden sunsets. We know God is curing people as He wills and staying with people as they leave us for heaven. God gives scientists the ability to develop new medicines and treatments to get us up and going again.
We thank God for a child we thought would never be conceived and a young adult fighting his/her way out of addiction. We thank God for the accident that almost happened but didn't and for a personal problem solved. It is not luck. It is God's love for us. We thank God for new beginnings, old friendships and new delights we are blessed to experience. We thank God for churches wherever we go that welcome us to hear of unending love and the peace the passes understanding. The table is set with food we did not make, do not deserve, cannot ever be thankful enough that Jesus has brought it to us. We will share food during these next months at tables in our homes that we did not create and did not grow, but that God wants us to have for our health and for our joy. We are not the lucky ones. We are the chosen ones of God, saved from destruction by Jesus Christ. We are blessed while we live and promised eternal life. Give thanks for the families, the friends, this church, the turkeys and hams and potatoes, pumpkins, the cooler weather, the beautiful colors, We are blessed. For sure!

Pastor Barb