Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Bishop Mike Rinehart attended last month’s Council meeting at our invitation. After seeking his advice on one item by phone, he thought it would be helpful to come to our meeting for some visioning about our future. A summary of the discussion is still on the whiteboard (in his handwriting) in the choir/conference room. You’re invited to stop in to read it. It was just the beginning of what will be followed up with other, more detailed discussions by our new Church Council which will be installed at the beginning of the 10:30 service on Sunday, February 5th.

By the way, if you weren’t present for the Congregational meeting on January 29th, there are still copies of the 2016 Annual Report available in the narthex with the proposed budget for this year.

Once a quarter our Council is encouraging us to gather at only one service that weekend for what’s been called “Unity Sunday.” For the liturgy we rotate the format of our various weekend services, i. e. piano accompaniment only or organ with choir or infor
mal service with “Sounds of Praise” and band. Although it means a break in the usual routine for worshippers, we’ve felt a need to come together occasionally for a renewed sense of unity and to renew acquaintances with fellow members whom we might not otherwise see. We follow the service with a potluck so that we can reconnect over food as well. Please make every effort to worship at our next Unity Sunday service at 10:30 on February 26th.

The “Faiths of Our Neighbors” series of gatherings at various houses of worship has been well received. After being hosted by the Reform Jewish, Islamic and Unitarian congregations the past three months, we’re invited to meet with the Disciples of Christ at First Christian Church of Greater New Orleans, 8121 Airline Drive in Metairie at 7:00 PM on Thursday, Feb. 2nd. Our various get-togethers are all scheduled on the first Thursdays of each month.

Don’t miss the children’s Krewe of Noah parade in our parking lot at 11:30 on Sunday, Feb. 12th. It’s wonderful!

Peace & Joy,